NEW PODCAST - Series #2- "Gender & COVID-19 Crisis in Conflicted-Affected Areas"- #E2

In this new episode, Florence Ferrando and Sabrine Dao invite Search for Common Ground (Search), the largest peacebuilding organisation in the world, to discuss the gender impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in conflict affected areas. You will hear the experience and insight of 3 women gender experts and peacebuilders: Matilda Flemming, Senior Manager, European Affairs & Partnerships, Search’s Swahili Coast Director Judy Kimano, and Rim Aljabi, Regional Gender Advisor, Middle East & North Africa. What has changed? What will change in the aftermath of an unprecedented pandemic? And most importantly, what opportunities will be possible for women in difficult social, political and economic environments?

This episode features:

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Production: Free Range Productions, Sabrine Dao, Florence Ferrando