NEW PODCAST - WIIS Campus Podcast-"Introducing WIIS Campus"- #E1

It all started by a meeting between two passionate women: Sabrine and Eva. They realised that they have many things in common besides being French students in Brussels: international relations, peace, security, and especially a desire to specialise in gender issues. Their connection was natural, as they both needed somebody to understand their professional environments, doubts and fears. A friendship based on support, empathy and realism of the realities of the field they want to grow in. This kind of relationship is often a fertile ground for new ideas, and as such, Eva and Sabrine decided to join WIIS Brussels with a vision - creating a student antenna on the campus of the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

The first episode of the WIIS Campus podcast focuses on the reasons and the individuals behind the project. The board of the association, consisting of five ambitious young women coming from different academic backgrounds and countries - Andreia Rodrigues, Ismérie Goemaere-Barbier and Ellée Civadova, in addition to the two Presidents - explains why community building, skills development and professionalisation matter to them. They present their vision for WIIS Campus and their hopes for the peace and security field in the future.

Benefiting from the support and the trust of its mother association, WIIS Campus aspires to be a bridge between the WIIS Brussels community of established professionals and the next generation of female leaders. WIIS Campus targets soon-to-be and recently graduated women to extend and adapt the activities of WIIS Brussels to the University, through mentoring sessions, policy discussions and community building. From two, then five and now seventeen passionate individuals, the team of WIIS Campus is growing rapidly, so stay connected to not miss out on our future activities!

This episode features:

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