WIIS Talks Climate Security: a miniseries of podcast featuring women's voices on climate security

#Episode 4 - The impact of climate change on the international defence scene

Hosted by Sabrine Dao & Sofiia Shevchuk

In this miniseries, WIIS Brussels invites women to share their experiences and expertise on the many dimensions of climate security.

For the fourth episode in the miniseries, our hosts Sabrine Dao and Sofiia Shevchuk invite Benedetta Berti, Head of Policy Planning in the Office of the Secretary General at NATO, and Katarina Kertysova, Policy Fellow at the European Leadership Network (ELN) and a Wilson Center Global Fellow.

In this episode, we explore the many effects that climate change will have - or is already having - on the international defense scene. From national ministries of defense to NATO, how are these organizations adapting to a world of more extreme weather? Does an organization like NATO have the capacity to fight climate change? How will climate change alter the operational role of militaries? Tune in for the answers to these questions and more.

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- Sabrine Dao sdao@wiis-brussels.org

- Sofiia Shevchuk: LinkedIn, Twitter.

Learn more by looking at:

- Climate chapter of the NATO 2030 Young Leaders report: “The Alliance in a changing climate: shifting gears towards a sustainable future”, 2021.

- Sherri Goodman and Katarina Kertysova, “NATO: An unexpected driver of climate action?”, NATO Review, 1 February 2022.

- Katarina Kertysova, “Towards a Greener Alliance: NATO’s Energy Efficiency and Mitigation Efforts,” in Louise van Schaik et al.,Decarbonized Defence: The Need for Green Military Power in the Age of Climate Change, Published by the Centre for Climate and Security, 2022.

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Music: Original creation

Production: Sabrine Dao

This miniseries was produced with the support of the United States Mission to NATO.