WIIS Talks Climate Security: a miniseries of podcast featuring women's voices on climate security

#Episode 2 - The geopolitical and security consequences of climate change

Hosted by Sabrine Dao & Sofiia Shevchuk

In this miniseries, WIIS Brussels invites women to share their experience and expertise on the multi-dimension of the climate security.

In this second episode, Sabrine Dao and Sofiia Shevchuk have invited Dr Hanne Knaepen, Head of Green Transition and Climate Adaptation with ECDPM and Glada Lahn, Senior Research Fellow for Environment and Society Programme at Chatham House.

To what extent does climate change affect global geopolitics and security? What are the consequences that we can already see? In this discussion, our guests go beyond Europe and touch upon examples from different parts of the world, from Asia and Africa to Latin America.

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Learn more by looking at:

- ECDPM Great Insights Magazine (2019) on "The complex link between climate change and conflict" (only women contributed to this publication)

- ECDPM publications for the CASCADES project: "Climate Change and Security in North African (2021)", "Climate risks in Tunisia (2021)", "Climate change, development and security in the Central Sahel (2021)"

- Hanne Knaepen's publication on "Supporting adaptation in African agriculture - A policy shift since the EU Green Deal? (2022)"

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This miniseries was produced with the support of the United States Mission to NATO.


Music: Original creation

Production: Sabrine Dao, Fraser Moore