WIIS Talks Climate Security: a miniseries of podcast featuring women's voices on climate security

#Episode 3 - Multilateral cooperation in addressing the climate's impact on security. Where do we stand?

Hosted by Sabrine Dao & Sofiia Shevchuk

In this miniseries, WIIS Brussels invites women to share their experience and expertise on the multi-dimension of the climate security.

In this third episode of the series, Sabrine Dao and Sofiia Shevchuk have invited Mariko Peters, Senior Peace and Conflict Adviser at the European External Action Service, Olivia Lazard, visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe, and Anniek Barnhoorn, Research Assistant with SIPRI's Climate Change and Risk Programme.

In this episode, our speakers come not only from different generations but also from diverse workplaces and backgrounds to provide a current state of affairs and prospects on the role of such institutions as the EU, OSCE and UN in climate security. Are peace, climate and security connected? Can multilateralism solve both climate change and security threats? Which institution is the most effective these days in tackling climate change?

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Learn more by looking at:

- Anniek Barnhoorn’s publication (2022) on Taking Climate Security Forward in the OSCE

- SIPRI Publication (2021) on Reassessment of the European Union’s Response to Climate-related Security Risks

- Olivia Lazard’s Publication (2022) on Russia’s Lesser-Known Intentions in Ukraine

- Olivia Lazard’s TED Talk on The Blind Spots of the Green Energy Transition

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This miniseries was produced with the support of the United States Mission to NATO.


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Production: Sabrine Dao