WIIS Talks Climate Security: a miniseries of podcast featuring women's voices on climate security

#Episode 5 - The role of new technology in addressing climate security challenges

Hosted by Sabrine Dao & Sofiia Shevchuk

In this miniseries, WIIS Brussels invites women to share their experiences and expertise on the many dimensions of climate security.

For the last episode of the miniseries, Sabrine Dao and Sofiia Shevchuk invite Sevim Aktas, Policy Officer at the European Commission, and Elisa Seith, former Situational Awareness Officer at NATO, currently a Client Solution Architect with Jupiter Intelligence.

These two young professionals with a rich professional and technical background share their insight on the topic of technology and its role in addressing the climate crisis and climate security. The topics discussed include boosting "climate literacy", how to assess which technology is our best tool in climate security, and how to stay positive in the fight against climate change. Follow and connect with our guests and hosts:

- Sevim Aktas: LinkedIn, Twitter.

- Elisa Seith: LinkedIn.

- Sabrine Dao: sdao@wiis-brussels.org

- Sofiia Shevchuk: LinkedIn, Twitter.

Learn more:

- Atlantic Forum Autumn Conference: Beyond the Weather panel with Elisa Seith and Sofiia Shevchuk, November 2021 Youtube

- EU Energy Transition Brief: Instagram breaking down EU energy & climate topics

- The Ministry for the Future, novel by Kim Stanley Robinson, 2020.

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Music: Original creation

Production: Sabrine Dao, Fraser Moore

This miniseries was produced with the support of the United States Mission to NATO.