Women and Leadership: A historic International Women's Day

Women and Leadership: A historic International Women's Day

A discussion with Ilana Bet-El

8 March 1917 was the first day of the Russian Revolution: it was started by women marching for their rights. 8 March 2022 is day thirteen of the Russian war against Ukraine, with women protecting their families, their lives, their rights.

Upon this historic background, Ilana Bet-El welcomes Rose Gottemoller, former NATO Deputy Secretary General and Steven C. Házy Lecturer at Stanford University Center for International Security and Cooperation. Weaving history with policy and experience, their conversation sheds light on how the West ended up in this situation with Russia, which historical narratives are used by Putin to justify his claims over Ukraine and how this conflict is mainly born from the Ukrainian desire to move towards the European Union and democracy

Looking ahead on the impact of the War, the two women examine the challenges posed to the international rule of law and the European security architecture, and reflect on a basic question: can security arrangements be established in isolation from ideological principles?

The episode was recorded on Monday 7th March 2022.

This episodes features:

  • Ilana Bet-El

  • Rose Gottemoeller

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This episode being special, the Women & Leadership podcast team would like to use the show to align with WIIS Brussels Voices DNA, and offer a platform for women to speak up about security, defence and foreign affairs. Have you expertise or experience on the Ukrainian crisis that you want to share with our communities? Reach out to us at wiisbxlpodcasts@gmail.com.

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