Women and Leadership in a challenging period of transition

Women and Leadership in a challenging period of transition

A discussion with Ilana Bet-El

For her last episode in 2021, Ilana Bet-El talks to Rosa Balfour, Director of Carnegie Europe, and Corinna Hörst, Guido Goldman Director of Leadership Programs at the German Marshall Fund (GMF).

This conversation covers a wide arc, from the personal to the professional. Starting from their evolution in academe and European affairs to becoming working mothers, these senior women reflect upon the daily realities of working in the Think Tank segment of the Brussels Bubble.

Looking back on 2021, the focus moves to the highlights (and lowlights) of European security, defence and foreign affairs and the many aspects of this ongoing period of change — from relations with the (nearly) new US administration to the impact of generational changes within the EU.

Looking ahead to 2022, the conversation ended with cautious optimism and a hope for a more personal world of meetings beyond screens.

With thanks to all our audience at the end of our first year, the Women & Leadership team wish you all a secure, healthy and happy 2022!

This episode features:

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