Women and Leadership: The Nuclear Nexus

Women and Leadership: The Nuclear Nexus

A discussion with Ilana Bet-El

After a summer break, the WIIS leadership podcast is back to demystify all matters related to nuclear weapons - which is very necessary, given the escalation in threats emanating from the war in Ukraine. Ilana is joined by two women exceptionally well versed in these issues: Jessica Cox, Director for Nuclear Policy at NATO, and Polina Sinovets, Director of the Odessa Center for Non-Proliferation.

The world of nuclear weapons is very simple to those who deal in it, and baffling to everyone else: what is the difference between nuclear policy and nuclear deterrence? What is the difference between deterrence and non-proliferation? Is there really such a thing as a tactical nuclear weapon? Is a nuclear capability a military or political threat, or both? This episode takes you through these and other questions, in a fascinating conversation between women who lead on nuclear issues.

This episode was recorded the 5th September 2022 and featured:

Polina Sinovets: ODCNP; Twitter

Jessica Cox: Twitter

Ilana Bet-El: Solvo Partners

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