Women and Leadership: Two Ambassadors and NATO

Women and Leadership: Two Ambassadors and NATO

A discussion with Ilana Bet-El

In keeping with our fast moving times and events in Ukraine, the first episode of the 2022 Women and Leadership podcast is a conversation with two NATO Ambassadors, past and present: Veronika Wand-Danielsson, Head of the Americas Department at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and formerly Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Sweden to NATO, and Muriel Domenach, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of France to NATO.

In an animated discussion with Ilana Bet-El, the two Ambassadors explore perceptions of defence and security within foreign affairs and how they apply with regard to current tensions between Russia, Ukraine and NATO — and the position of the EU. They also explain how and why they chose the world of defence and security world, their reflections on being a woman NATO Ambassador both now and in previous years, and the question of whether the EU is perceived as feminine on matters of defence.

This episode features:

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