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A student division of WIIS Brussels - WIIS Campus - has been launched in October 2020!


Mainly based in the Solbosch campus of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), WIIS Campus aims to act as a rallying point between the upcoming generation of women professionals and the great community of established women leaders. By connecting different fields and generations, WIIS Campus will export WIIS Brussels’ activities to the university world, carrying out intellectual discussions, training and networking events.

To make this possible, WIIS Campus is divided in three poles: 


“Raising our voices to build a community”

Its goal is to create communication content on the behalf of WIIS Campus in order to keep our followers updated on our activities mainly through our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook. The Communication pole actively participated in campaigns as the #SHEcurity20, the #16daysofactivism and #RatifyILO190 ones, all aimed at raising awareness about gender-related issues in diverse areas such as international security, women in the workplace and gender-based violence.

“Building bridges to connect minds”

Its mission is to enlarge the WIIS community as much as possible via partnerships with relevant organizations such as Young Professionals in Foreign policy Brussels, Le Comité diplomatique, the ULB NATO club and the MUN CLUB ULB. Podcasts with our partners on the role played by women in international peace and security are in progress and will be shared very soon. In November the PR pole organized WIIS Campus launch event Who Are The Women Professionals in International Security?, which was the first of our Let's Get Inspired Series. Further events and also mentoring programs are foreseen in the upcoming months. 


“Sharing information to raise awareness”

Its target is to monitor the different emerging policies related to women and international security, informing our followers every month on recent developments about gender-related issues, peace and security, fundamental rights and European affairs.


If you want to know more about WIIS Campus’ activities, follow us on our social media (Facebook and Instagram). Our events and publications are also advertised on this website.

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